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Kandui Villas

Kandui Villas® is an upscale, eco-friendly resort, located in the Playgrounds Surfing Mecca in the Mentawai Islands. Using the finest quality local hardwoods they created 12 spacious luxury bungalows. They contribute a lot to the local Mentawai people and with your support they can continue this win-win. Whether you are a surfer or you just come to relax, you are assured to enjoy a great time. This is a very special place, perfect to bring your wife and family. Come and enjoy the magnificent abundance.

The Kandui Villas® are located on the beach and offer amazing ocean views. Each luxury uma has room for up to 4 people. They are equipped with airconditioning, mosquito nets, mini-bars and in-room safes. Each uma has been hand carved throughout with a different Mentawai animal or jungle theme. All the furniture is made of local hardwoods. The bathroom and shower facilities are clean and comfortable, with stone floors laid by craftsmen from Bali. You can enjoy hot water, a hair dryer and comfortable bathroom amenities.

The Kandui Villas® Resort has a large 2-story restaurant. Good food is vital to surfers burning calories in perfect waves under the tropical sun. The menu features decadent gourmet meals with local seafood caught by villagers and guests. A variety of Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, American, and Indonesian cuisine. Barbecues are also popular. Vegetables are organically-grown from a massive green house on the property.

The massive infinity edge swimming pool is the only one in Western Sumatra. The poolside bar serves up your favourite cold beers, spirits, mixed drinks, as well as wine, and champagne. The outdoor Palapa, under the same roof as the Bar, is where you can lounge on sofas, drinking your favourite beverages, and is also a nice place to hang out with your partner or friends and mingle with other guests, while relaxing in the shade, right on the edge of the pool deck. There is a games room with billiard and ping pong. At the spa we offer traditional indonesian massage with homemade raw coconut oil, facials, manicure and pedicure. We’ve built an incredible airconditioned exercise room with state-of-the-art workout equipment and yoga mats.

Kandui Villas® also offers world class fishing, snorkeling and Tours. Kandui Beach Villas® is an official partner on the Tsunami early warning system and they have build a safe refuge at the top of a 30 meter high hill for the safety of the guests.

We have a speedboat for Padang-Kandui-Padang transfer and a fleet of surf boats, providing style, safety and speed, to take you to the waves. Photography and video services are available.

We offer all-included packages with a fixed schedule of 10/11 days in peak season, april to september. During low season, oktober to march, we offer a flexible schedule allowing for stays of 3,4,7 or 10 nights at highly discounted rates. Rates vary for singles, non-surfers and children of different ages. Contact us for the latest availability and a custom quote.

Kandui Villas Amenities
  • HD TV
  • Mini-fridge
  • Wifi
  • Security Safe
  • Airco
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Pool
  • Fitness
  • Massage
  • Bar
  • Lounge
  • Restaurant
  • Nanny Services
  • Laundry
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Airport Transfers
  • Suitable For Events
The Surf

Kandui Villas® is located right at the best Mentawai Surf.

Kandui Rights/Rifles
One of the best right handers in the entire world that can be up to 800+ yards long with tubes from start to finish. This spot is only 6 minutes from the Kandui Villas®.

Kandui Left
AKA Kanduis or Nokanduis is a fast, hollow perfect wave, known as the best left in the world, by any person and any top pro surfers who have surfed it on a good day. Surfers from around the world come back to Kandui to figure it out and get it wired, and once they have caught one good wave there, they are hooked for life, and keep coming back to add minutes and hours of tube time to their life inventory.

Baby Kandui
When Kandui Left is at 12-foot plus, you can take the five-minute paddle down the beach to Baby Kandui, or paddle off the beach directly in front of the beach jetty in front of Kandui Villas®. When the swell is giant, Baby Kandui is a 300 yard long, tubing left hander, with 3-4 tube sections on each wave.

Malibu Right
Only five minutes from Kandui Beach Villas®, this is a short but sometimes fun, easy right breaking on a small, one-palm tree sand island.

Playgrounds Left and Right
AKA Karambat Left, Bikinis or G-strings. Only five minutes by dinghy from Kandui Villas®. This wave is predominantly a long easy left, but also has a right hander off of it when it gets a bit bigger.

Located directly in front of the Kandui Resort on the east side of the island, 4 Bobs is a fun, hot-dog right-hander that is many steps down in intensity from Kandui/Kanduis/Nokandui, but is still better than 99% of the waves wherever you came from.

A popular, consistent left breaking off a small island on the east side of the main island. A Frames can be high performance heaven for goofy foots, but will also throw up a barrel to remind surfers why they came all that way.

North of Kandui® @ the Island of Mainuk. Hideaways is a left reef that everyone knows about and keeps a weather eye on, for that proper combination of swell angle and wind. When it breaks, it approaches the Teahupoo and Pipeline class for challenge and gnarliness.

Burger World
Even farther to the northwest, the island of Karangniki is close to Siberut and is home to Burgerworld, one of the more consistent waves in the area. When it is in the shoulder-high-to-a-couple-feet-over-head range, Burgerworld is a long rippable right hand point break with some tube sections.

There’s more waves closely of course:
Nyang Nyang Island is located north-west of Kandui® and has about half a dozen surf breaks

@ Kandui Villas® there will always be an experienced Surf Coach and you could always decide to take surf lessons or guiding on site. High performance surf boards are available to rent at a reasonable rate.

Kandui Villas

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